About Us

We are a caring pre-school located in Windermere, Durban.

We are fully registered.

We have affordable rates with breakfast and lunch provided.

We are open during school holidays and on school days from 6:30am to 5:15pm.


To provide young people with a good foundation to go into the world as holistic and unique personalities.

Mission Statement

To create a safe, caring and enriching environment, where children are able to be carefree.


We are passionate about children and their development

Mutual respect for educators, parents and learners

Develop self discipline and a positive self image

We promote individuality and encourage participation

Tolerance for diversity and a positive attitude to life

Honesty and integrity

Concern for others


Our classrooms are spacious and air-conditioned.

Each classroom has its own private toilet facilities attached to the classroom.

Each class has a dedicated teacher and assistant  providing individual attention.

We have a large, safe outdoor playground completely covered with Astro Turf, offering plenty of equipment such as jungle gyms and slides.


The perimeter of our school is surrounded by a high wall with electric fencing on the top. Our main school gate is access controlled and kept locked at all times.

We have numerous panic buttons around the school which are connected to our security companies control room. We are covered by armed response 24 hours a day.

Illness and Emergencies

A sickroom with two sick beds is available for minor ailments until the child’s parents are able to collect their child.

In case of emergencies, information completed on the enrollment form will be used. Please make sure that your contact details and medical details are always updated in the office and in your child’s book.

A fully equipped first aid kit is available at all times. All staff members are fully trained in first aid.

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